Head Lice Information


My name is Amy Cesna and I have just opened a Head Lice Treatment Center in Indianapolis, IN.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my head lice treatement services to you and invite you to share this information with anyone you are aware of who is dealing with this rapidly growing problem throughout the United States.  

First, I would like to share with you a little of my background.  I have been a licensed cosmetologist in Indiana for over 20 years and worked in styling salons specializing in hair color, styling and treatments  .I am the mother of 7 children and 2 grand children and have had my own children come home with notes from their school stating that head lice has been found on children in my child's classroom.  This is a growing problem in schools and, although not all schools have the same policy regarding a "no nit" policy, more and more schools are allowing children with head lice to remain in classrooms but day care centers all across the nation are experiencing the same problem.  

It is JUST BUG-IN's goal to be the most highly effective form of treatment for you and your family.  Our treatment service and family coaching sessions, combined with your "homework" assignment, will provide you with the confidence that your head lice infestation has been correctly addressed.  Make no mistake, your eagle eye, periodic combing and inspecting for lice eggs is of the utmost importance, and we are there to assist.  Even the most trained eye can miss a nit or even an active louse.  All it takes is one nit and a few days without combing and looking for nits to begin the infestation initally, and even after treatment by an inexperienced parent or friend.

Our all natural, non-toxic enzyme treatment will kill live lice and along with our specialized combing process to eliminate nits, you can feel confident that we can remove all signs of lice from you, your child and any other family member  .We also offer products that will help you keep lice off of your family and out of your home.

With JUST BUG-IN there is not countless hours spent by you combing, treating with ineffective treatments, cleaning, missing work or school.  Your stress level is relieved in just 5 minutes after talking with one of our Head Lice Consultants.   Please give us a call at 317-757-8168.

Amy Cessna, Owner                                                                                                                             Licensed Cosmetologist